Take Your Employee Coaching to the Next Level

Frizby helps managers coach their employees so they can reach their full potential

Designed for managers

Make Your One-on-One Meetings Meaningful

Traditional one-on-ones end up with :
- managers feeling unprepared
- employees leaving frustrated
- no proper action plan

With Frizby, your one-on-ones become meaningful conversations based on tangible data.

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Give Constructive Feedback

If you want to give meaningful feedback to your employees, you need to get valuable data beforehand.
Frizby automatically prepares your coaching sessions thanks to follow-up questions sent to your teams, at the frequency you want, through your favorite tools.

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Built for success

Measure and Boost Happiness at Work

Find out how your employees really feel. Quickly assess the teams that are striving, and the ones that are struggling. Give them a voice to know how to improve their well being.

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Fully Organized

Centralize All Your Data

Trying to find your notes from the last meeting can be tricky. Was that on a Google Doc, on paper or just orally ?
Find all your meeting notes and action plans per employee in one perfectly organized place.

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"Before Frizby, we didn’t have any structure in our one-on-ones. It wasn’t organized. Now, we have frequent sessions during which we can review the employees accomplishments and focus on personal development."
Aushim Koumar
“At the beginning, I thought that Frizby would only be an online version of my paper notes.
But it really took my coaching process to the next level.
Frizby saves us time, structures our coaching sessions and centralises all the information we need.”
Didier Mathieu

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