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Frizby turns your one-on-ones into efficient meeting. We'll automatically prepare and planyour meetings so you just have to focus on the face-to-face voncersation.

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Frizby is the central place to find all your one-on-one meetings reports, notes and actions plans, per employee.

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“Almost everything is automated. There are templates, so I can pick up the questions I want. My employees don’t have to leave Slack to answer the questions and I receive automatically the answers so it really doesn’t take much time for me."
Aushim Koumar
CEO at Konligo
“With Frizby, you're just one click away to see what’s happening in your company”
Krystall Fierens-Lee
HR Manager at Sentiance
"Frizby took my coaching process to the next level."
Didier Mathieu
CEO at MDi
"With the surveys sent through Slack and the automatic reminders, you don't have to chase everyone down to get answers"
Camille Libert
HR Manager at B12 Consulting
"Frizby makes it easy to get feedback from my employees, even if they're in 5 different countries."
Aurore Balsan
COO at Afrimarket

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