Coaching your employees through regular one-on-one sessions is important in any team. From big corporates to startups, Frizby is used to make the most of your one-on-ones. In this interview, Aushim, CEO of the award-winning startup Konligo, explains the importance of having frequent and informal coaching sessions with his employees and how Frizby helped him in this process.

About Konligo

Konligo is a startup willing to revolutionize the event industry by making it more sustainable. Konligo offers modern tents and other stylish structures, easy to deploy and fold, which are reusable and made of recycled aluminium. Aushim, PhD from the VUB, manages a team of 6 employees and explains why, even in a small team, running frequent one-on-ones makes them a better company.

The importance of having one-on-one meetings

For Aushim, it’s crucial to frequently exchange feedback with his employees. Among others, it makes sure that the vision and the mission pursued by the company are clear for his team. 

“If you want your people to embrace your company's vision, you need to run frequent one-on-one sessions with your employees to talk about it and see if they’re aligned with it.”

During his one-on-ones, Aushim also talks about the company values and checks if the employee acted accordingly to Konligo’s values. Finally, it’s the perfect moment to remind his employees the impact of their work. 

“Let’s take the example of an employee who spent time doing a mailing list, which can be quite boring. During the 1:1, I will let this employee know that his/her list helped to close two deals this month. The fact that I gave him or her the bigger picture empowers and motivates that employee.”

Before using Frizby

There wasn’t a real process of one-on-ones before Frizby. Aushim was sending invites from time to time to organize a meeting and took notes from his discussion in a Google Doc but there was no structure.

“Even if I was convinced of the importance of having frequent one-on-ones,I kept telling myself that if my teammates don’t come to talk to me about a specific problem, it means that there is no problem.”

After using Frizby

Now, Aushim has a well defined process:

  • Every month, he runs “operational” one-on-ones to see what went well, what can be improved, check if the employee receives enough feedback and talk about the achievements.
  • Every quarter, the 1:1 focus on Konligo’s vision and values.
Aushim Koumar, CEO at Konligo
“An important added value of Frizby is the possibility to add a well-defined frequency to my 1:1. I know that every last Friday of the month, I’ll have a meeting with each of my employees and I know what we’re going to talk about.”

To make sure that Aushim makes the most of his coaching sessions, Frizby automatically sends a few preliminary questions to his team before the 1:1. It lets the employee think about what she/he wants to talk about, the objectives accomplished and the frustrations experienced. Aushim receives the answers before the meeting so he can prepare himself for the 1:1, which helps to exchange constructive feedback and get to the point faster.

Then, Frizby centralises all the one-on-one reports, per employee. 

“I can easily see what we said at our next meeting. That helps me to cover different topics, from one meeting to another.”

Final Thought

Aushim’s favourite thing about Frizby is the automation, combined to the Slack integration, which saves him a lot of time and makes it easy to use. 

“Almost everything is automated. There are templates, so I can pick up the questions I want. My employees don’t have to leave Slack to answer the questions and I receive automatically the answers so it really doesn’t take much time for me."

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