How MDi put in place a successful coaching strategy

About MDi

In a highly competitive industry, MDi stands out from its competitors and reports an ongoing, solid growth.

Their secret ?

They differentiate themselves by having a warmer, friendlier customer approach and an employee-centric management style. Convinced that happy and thriving employees are more performant, MDi put the personal development of their collaborators at the heart of their expansion strategy.

MDI put in place a system of one-on-one meetings between the Team Leader and it collaborators every two weeks so they can have an individual coaching session. During those sessions, they get back on the employee accomplishments, its frustrations and more personal matters. The Team Leader takes some notes during the meeting and defines an action plan at the end of the conversation.

By applying this formula, MDI reached a high level of employees well-being and motivation which allowed them to become one of the main actors in the real-estate market in Belgium.

Before Frizby

However, as the team grew, it became difficult to organize the one-on-one meetings, to keep a structure and to have an efficient follow-up. It happened to forget where the notes from the last session were taken. Between the Google Docs, the handwritten or on whiteboard notes, there wasn’t one place to centralize all the data.

And even though the employees appreciated the time given for their coaching, they felt, just as the Team Leader, that they could go further and be more efficient during the one-on-one meetings.

After Frizby

Judicaël, Team Leader at MDi, uses Frizby to organise his one-on-one meetings with his collaborators.

Every two weeks, preliminary questions are automatically sent through Slack to his employees to prepare the content of the coaching session in advance.

When the team members have answered the questions, reports are created and sent to Judicaël so he can prepare himself for the meeting and already knows what he’s going to talk about.

During the meeting, Judicaël takes notes on Frizby with his iPad to make a summary and define an action plan for every collaborator.

"Frizby took my coaching process to the next level. I feel more prepared and my one-on-one meetings are more structured. Then, the automatic sending saves me time. I don’t have to chase everyone down to get my reports before the meeting."

Employees approach the one-on-ones more relaxed because they know what is going to be discussed. Managers are more prepared thanks to the reports they automatically receive before the meeting.

"Frizby saves me time and enables me to be more structured and prepared for my one-on-ones. And for the employees, they’re glad to have access to their notes and action plans."

One last thing

MDi was first interested in the “one-on-one” feature of Frizby. But they recently started to use the anonymous engagement surveys as well, as a complement of the individual coaching sessions. By doing so, MDi has a global overview of the collaborators well-being and can take concrete actions to improve the employees satisfaction and fulfillment.

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