What questions can I ask my employees during one-on-one meetings? If you have arrived here, it is because you organize feedback sessions regularly. You take your time to listen to your team mates, to make them progress, to make you progress as a manager and that is all to your credit. One-on-one sessions can only have positive effects in your company, but to do so, they must remain structured and qualitative. Varying their content from one meeting to another so that they do not become daunting and cause disinterest will be one of your biggest challenges. Frizby offers you a series of 20 relevant questions that you can ask during your one-on-ones.

Enjoy !

To start the meeting

Asking a few questions about your employee's state of mind is a good way to start your one-on-one. This will give him confidence but also allow you to get to know him as you go through your interviews.

- How was your work week?

- From 1 to 10, how would you rate your performance this week?

- What is your greatest achievement since our last meeting?

- How do you feel about your work/life balance?

- Do you feel challenged at work? Are you learning new things?

To talk about their personal / corporate development

Then, take an interest in your employee's personal development, his or her interests in relation to the missions he or she carries out, and his or her confidence in the objectives entrusted to him or her. Your goal is to understand what your employee's real strengths are and therefore, in the long run, to try to get your employee to work on what he or she does best.As a result, some elements of your speech can become an action plan.

- Do you feel you are making progress in your work? Do you feel any improvements compared to our last interview?

- What is the ideal position you would like to hold in our company?

- What skills would you like to learn/develop within the company?

- Do you feel that your work is helping the company achieve its vision and objectives?

- Is there anything in your work that you would like more help or coaching for?

Talk about your impact on the way he or she works or is in the company

The manager has a role to play in how an employee is invested in his work. Try to understand how you can get involved so that you can have an impact on your employee's work.

- Do you get enough feedback from me?

- Do the instructions I give you allow you to be effective in your work?

- What could I do better? What criticism do you have for me?

- If you were me, what would you do differently to make the company run better?

- Are there any tasks for which you would like more responsibility?

Check their general happiness within your company

A one-on-one is the ideal time to take your employee's temperature. This way, you will be able to know if he/she feels comfortable within the company, in the missions entrusted to him/her. The purpose of these questions is to find an action plan to solve possible problems.

- Does your work correspond to what you expected when you came tous?

- What could we change in our work to improve your well-being?

- What would you like to do more often? Less often?

- What motivates you to come to work every day?

- What would make you leave this job for another job?

We hope this list will help you make the most of your one-on-one meetings and turn them into meaningful coaching sessions.

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