One-on-one Meetings


Prepare your one-on-ones, without leaving your existing tools

Effective one-on-one meetings need a clear agenda. But since it can be highly time-consuming to chase everyone down, Frizby will do it for you by automatically sending preliminary questions to your teammates in order to co-create the agenda of your meeting.

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Have meaningful conversations


Based on a clear agenda, your coaching sessions will become meaningful conversations to make your employees grow. Face to face or on video-conferences for remote teams, you’ll never have to wonder what you’re going to talk about.


Frizby lets you take note and define action plans for each colleague.

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Find everything in one place

With Frizby, all your reports and action plans are perfectly organized in one place. It’s never been easier to find what was said at your last one-on-one.

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"Frizby took my coaching sessions to the next level."
"I am more prepared for my one-on-one meetings. Which makes my feedback more structured and actionable."
"Frizby makes me save time and centralizes all the information I need about my employees."
“Organizing one-on-ones has never been this easy”
“Our one-on-ones helped us resolve tricky situations that we would only have heard about at the annual performance review.”
“Having a weekly touchpoint with my employees became addictive !”

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