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Know What Your Employees Really Want

Everything won’t be said face-to-face. If you want to have a global overview of your company’s well being, you need to give your employees a voice. Frizby lets you send anonymous surveys to take the pulse of your company.

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Calculate your eNPS, measure your employees well-being and motivation, per department and teams.

Anonymous and Secured

Anonymity is 100% respected and your data are fully secured on the AWS cloud-infrastructure.

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Boost Engagement and Happiness at Work

Receive suggestions on what to improve, see your strengths and areas of improvement and start acting on it.

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Launch Amazing Surveys Without Leaving your Exisiting Tools

Increase your response rate by 30% !

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Surveys are quick, easy and
beautifully designed.

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Answer your surveys on your computer, on your phone or tablet.

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You can even answer surveys without leaving Slack.

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